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Olive Leaf Extract , 500 mg , 60 Capsules

Rs.6,800.00 Rs.5,500.00



Immune Health 

Herbal Supplement 

Supports The Body's Natural Defenses 

Antioxidant Properties May Support Cardiovascular Health 

Science-Backed Quality Since 1969

Are you looking to nourish your immune system, cardio health and overall wellbeing? Swanson Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg might just be exactly what you’re looking for! A growing body of evidence was showing that olive leaf-derived products have great potential for human health. Our olive leaf capsules deliver a unique compound called oleuropein. A polyphenolic compound found in the leaves of the olive tree, oleuropein delivers powerful antioxidant activity that can promote benefits to the immune and cardiovascular systems, help promote healthy blood sugar and blood lipid levels and support healthy blood pressure. Although oleuropein levels can vary, Swanson Olive Leaf Extract is standardized to provide 20% oleuropein content.