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Original Chitosan, 1,000 mg, 120 Capsules (250 mg per Capsule)

Rs.9,800.00 Rs.8,040.00



Fat-Binding Power™

Marine Sourced

Functional Fiber

Dietary Supplement and Diet Plan*

Natural Max Diet

Chitosan is an insoluble or non-digestible fiber. Marine-sourced chitosan is produced from chitin, which is part of the shells of crustaceans including shrimp, crabs and lobsters.


Products that carry the Fat-Binding Power™ logo represent supplements with diet plans that together provide unique support for weight management. Many products are not easily recognized as beneficial for weight management. The Fat-Binding Power™ logo helps to identify non-traditional diet-related products.


Some studies suggest that a diet rich in fiber can help reduce the transit time of foods in the digestive system so less fat is available to be absorbed. Additionally, chitosan is not digestible and therefore has no caloric value. Taken before meals, fiber may help provide nutritive support for healthy weight management.


Natural Max® Diet line includes high-quality products that are formulated and designed with some of the most renowned ingredients available. Each product is thoughtfully created and designed to provide positive options for weight management when used in conjunction with the associated Diet Plan*.


*Diet plan printed inside carton