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Salmon Oil 1000 mg

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Not All Fish Oil Is the Same

When choosing the right fish oil product for you, make sure to understand your potency and speak to your health care provider to see what dosage is right for you. Pay attention to the total amount of EPA and DHA omega-3s contained in your fish oil supplement. The higher concentration of DHA and EPA, the less softgels you’ll need to take to get enough omega-3s!

Puritan’s Pride®
Omega-3 Salmon Oil 1000 mg

Salmon are well-known for the distinctive pinkish-red color of their flesh that develops as a result of a diet made up of mostly plankton and tiny crustaceans. The oil sourced from salmon also offers a unique range of good fats, including omega-3s EPA and DHA, and contains vitamin D3 and astaxanthin.

Puritan’s Pride Salmon Oil is a premium product designed to support heart health and healthy circulation.* It features 1,000 mg of Ester-Omega® Salmon Oil from Iceland and Norway that is purified to eliminate mercury and provides 210 mg of total omega-3s, including EPA and DHA.