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Ubiquinol 200mg 30Caps

Rs.12,850.00 Rs.10,280.00

Ubiquinol 200 mg offers our highest daily dose of Ubiquinol available. A daily dose of 400 mg Co Q-10 is ideal for individuals who occasionally experience headaches.* When taken regularly, Co Q-10 is a drug-free way to help occasional minor headaches due to temporary stress.* This dose may also be well-suited for men looking to support prostate health.* Two daily softgels supports healthy levels of enzymes that are important for prostate health.*


Those looking for less-specialized benefits can still get the cardiovascular and overall wellness benefits of a high quality Co Q-10 supplement with just one softgel per day.* A single softgel delivers the active form of Co Q-10 to start fighting free radicals in the body while also supporting healthy blood pressure levels already within a normal range.* If you are unsure which dose is right for you, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional.